Why People Choose to be Escorts

Why People Choose to be Escorts

Every single profession has its advantages and disadvantages. Jobs always have precise control in driving your behaviour and is also the means through which people tend to view an individual. In such scenarios, many people might describe jobs like that of an escort to be problematic. But the problem lies in the manner in which an individual sees another individual and nothing more. So, let’s find a few of the reasons why people choose to be an escort or be part of this profession.

Need to pay the bills

As simple as that. One of the main reasons why people tend to follow this profession is because they require a direct route through which they can afford to pay the bills and earn a living. This is one of the most straightforward reasons you can find in this regard as one cannot let go of that mortgage bill.

Financial stability

Let’s admit it. People who choose to be escorts earn way more than the average MBA. As a profession, being an escort helps to bring financial stability in your life. You can take care of your family as your job contributes to putting out more than just bread on the table. In an unpredictable economy, being stable and having savings is necessary to take control of your life.


One might find it hard to digest this, but you need to. Many former escorts have stated that they like their job and get a sense of comfort by doing it. If an individual is willing to pursue something which suits their interests, then who are we to put a hold on this. As every individual is unique and different, we need to accept their likes and dislikes.

Last Option

For many choosing professions like being an escort or stripping is considered as the final move in a move to gain control of ‘one’s life. Former escorts have spoken about means which forced them to pursue a career in this field. As situations can be due to an impending bill or other such expenses, one can never predict life.

Traumatic Childhood

People are not aware of what it was like to have a bad childhood. Although this is not the case for all escorts, few of them have come out in the open to talk about their adverse childhood. Any kid will have a bad experience once they witness their parents getting divorced at a young age. Such experiences can take some kids into a different direction as they view life differently. Along with divorce, factors such as drug addictions also play a huge role. Hence consider the collective perspective of every individual before you form your own perspective about one.